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Our Services

DivineDimensions' services extend through the entire life cycle: Our services include:
Ideas Generation
Project Management

Our Vision

To be the world leader in innovation for the built environment through knowledge and professionalism in healthcare architecture, engineering, procurement, project management and capacity building services.

Core Values

Our core values are enshrined in LOVE:

healthcare architects + project managers + security consultants

+234 802 307 7838; +234 803 342 1814

About Us

We are a global provider of evidence based healthcare design and project delivery services. Our evidence based practice is driven by the pursuit for quality, outstanding solutions and biophilia.

Some of Our Projects

We understand that man’s perception of the visual shape, size, color and texture of things are affected by the optical environment in which they are seen.
We believe that the planning, layout and design of spaces influence the shape of our clients’ activities and express the ideas which accompany their actions. Based on this knowledge; divineDimensions strives to organize design parts into a coherent whole in order to achieve clients’ desires and wellness through Salutogenic concepts.

Latest News


In divineDimensions, we create healing environment for man's  optimum performance. This takes us to various studies and advocacy on Salutogenesis - Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Music Therapy, Biophilia and other natural alternative paths to wellness. 

To understand more about Salutogenesis: